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If we are doing the Building

You get peace of mind when you hire a licensed professional. California building code is complex and tricky. We get the proper permits when providing construction services.

If we are Managing your Builder / Project

Getting your full money's worth out of a third party builder can be stressful if you don't know construction options. We make sure you know and understand all the available choices and average costs. You have us on your site, looking out for your bottom line. When you have a big project it is often much better to hire a designer, then a Managing General Contractor and together you conduct a bid process to find the right builder. During the build your personal Managing General Contract watches to be sure all California code is being met, corners are not being cut, the project is staying on time and on budget.

Our general contracting services are all encompassing. From being your personal independent project manager overseeing another company's work to providing the labor, you can't get better than TC Fulton Construction.

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